Minecraft 1.20.30

Minecraft 1.20.30
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.30 apk free Trails & Tales Update: Get information about unique structures, To do this, buy new types of maps from a cartographer.

Minecraft 1.20.30 Release: Trails & Tales Update

The developers of Mojang Studios warn players that most of the innovations in Minecraft PE 1.20.30 are in test mode, so for them to work, you must turn on Experimental settings in the world creation menu.

This will allow you to see all the changes with your own eyes and try them out in the gameplay. For example, in this version, they changed the process of the splash sound, as well as the mechanics of the behavior of the camels, which cannot run if it is in lava or water.


The process of exploring the world in Minecraft 1.20.30 can be turned into an exciting journey if you go to it not on foot, but for example, riding a camel. These animals can transport the player and chests with useful things. They can even fit two heroes at the same time.

If a river or sea appears on the path of the hero, he can overcome this obstacle by boat or build a raft for this. By the way, unusual creatures of red-green color can often be found near the water. These are Sniffers, they make unusual sounds because they are constantly digging in the ground in search of seeds.


During the journey, players may stumble upon unusual and very fragile blocks, they are called Suspicious. It is worth noting that to get valuable items from them, you need to use only a Brush.

Possible finds in Minecraft PE 1.20.30 in these blocks may include fragments of clay vases, templates for decorating armor, or even Sniffer eggs.


To make interaction with residents as interesting as possible, developers are gradually expanding their functionality. Thus, in Minecraft 1.20.30, you can purchase various types of armor from Armorer or sell him iron blocks and get a good payment for them.

  • Which plants are used to tame the Sniffer in MCPE 1.20.30?
    Torch flower.
  • What does the Sniffer in Minecraft PE 1.20.30 eat?
  • What are templates used for?
    To decorate the armor.

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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.30

Minecraft 1.20.30
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Minecraft 1.20.30

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.30 apk free Trails &...