Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: Explore the possible uses of copper and tuff blocks and fill out the crafter.

Minecraft Copper Update

Minecraft PE turned out to be so long-awaited and diverse this time that absolutely every user will be interested to learn about all the innovations. First of all, it is worth noting that copper is increasingly found in reviews, this material has a great future in the cubic world.

Players are also invited to evaluate the changes in the menu interface and some other novelties. Among them are a wide variety of new recipes for workbench and stone cutters, as well as updated textures of some blocks.


Previously, developers actively changed the mechanics of searching in the recipe book, and in Minecraft they began to actively add new ones. Thus, players in this version can use recipes for Chiseled and Woxed Chiseled Copper, as well as for Tuff Blocks.

They also appeared for gratings and oxidized copper of all levels. Be sure to experiment with different options to achieve the best result.

Other changes

There have also been some changes in other areas of the gameplay in Minecraft PE, for example, the ability to sneak on water has been added for touch control.

By the way, the horus flower can be destroyed by any projectile.

  • What is Crafter used for in Minecraft PE
    To create items.
  • What ingredients are needed to create it in MCPE
    Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust, Crafting Table, Dropper.
  • What is the explosion resistance of Crafter?
    It is equal to 3.5.

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