Gravity Gun Mod for Minecraft PE

Gravity Gun Mod for Minecraft PE
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Spend time in your favorite game interestingly and diversely

Download Gravity Gun Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: evaluate the capabilities of iconic weapons from the popular game and control objects, blocks, and mobs.

Gravity Gun Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: down with the force of gravity

For those Minecraft PE players who are familiar with another game called Half-Life 2, the item presented in this mod will be well known, since it was there that it was most popular. For everyone else, its use will also be very interesting and useful.

The fact is that in Gravity Gun Mod there is only one weapon, while in the literal sense, it does not kill anyone, like a bow or a pistol, for example. Its capabilities are much wider, and its use in the cubic world will open up completely new emotions for users. Spend time in your favorite game interestingly and diversely and learn a lot of new things.

Getting a gun

To craft this item, players will need not only six iron ingots but also rarer and more valuable items such as lapis lazuli, a fragment of amethyst, and a diamond.

With such an expensive recipe, the author of Gravity Gun Mod tried to balance the price of weapons and their abilities. Of course, there is an easier way to get Bedrock in Minecraft – in the Inventory of the Creative Mode.

Choose any of the options and enjoy new abilities that will help greatly diversify the gameplay in the cubic world.

Mechanics of use

After the weapon is in the hands of a Minecraft PE player, two sights will appear on the screen. Blue works harder in this mod, so you should be careful with it. To lift an object or block, use a long press.

To lower the target, just sit down with a long press. Similar mechanics in Gravity Gun Mod also apply to mobs. But keep in mind that the cannon does damage and on the way to the player, the animal may die.

Experiment with the use cases of this item, study all its properties, and surprise others with unusual abilities.

  • How do I install this Gravity Gun Mod?
    The file is in .mcaddon extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?
    Yes, for this it is enough just to be the owner of the map and install this modification on it.
  • What if the mod does not work?
    Try to activate the experimental game mode.

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