Hammer Mod for Minecraft PE

Hammer Mod for Minecraft PE
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A wide variety of the most incredible tools

Download Hammer Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: use unique item options that will help you quickly cope not only with clearing the territory but also defeat enemies.

Hammer Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: Powerful and intimidating

The use of various tools helps the heroes of Minecraft PE in the mining process. The authors of Hammer Mod decided to improve some of them by adding new properties to these items and allowing players to have a much larger selection of possible options.

Now any process will happen much faster, and you can also easily cope with absolutely anyone, even the strongest opponent.

Mining Hammer

To get new items in this update for Hammer Mod, it is enough to use a simple command /give @s new and then select the option you are interested in.

It is worth noting that using such tools the player will not be equal in the whole world of Minecraft PE.


The most unusual variants of this type of weapon are offered by the authors of this add-on for Hammer Mod. Players will have items made of a wide variety of materials at their disposal. There are quite ordinary ones among them: this is gold or iron, and others have never been met before as a basis for tools.

Thus, players have access to objects made of lava or prismarine and a unique variant with a huge skull. It is worth noting that all the models differ not only in their unique appearance but also in their rather impressive size, which can frighten any opponent.

By the way, holding some of them in his hands, the Minecraft Bedrock player will receive special effects, for example, the ability to breathe underwater or an increased level of health.

It Is Time

This time, the developers of Hammer Mod decided not to stop at one type of tool and added in addition to it even improved scythes, axes, and shovels.

All items have a beautiful and bright texture that will highlight the Minecraft PE player on the site.

  • With which hammer will the player be able to breathe freely underwater?
    Prismarine Hammer.
  • Which team will allow you to select new items in Hammer Mod?
    /give @s new
  • What other items will be available to players?
    Shovels, scythes and axes.

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