Zombie Head Mod for Minecraft PE

Zombie Head Mod for Minecraft PE
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Evaluate all the possibilities of zombies

Download Zombie Head Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: turn into any monsters, scare your friends, and just have fun using new features.

Zombie Head Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: unusual and interesting

In Minecraft PE, there are many creatures that the player has to fight periodically. Zombie Head Mod offers the heroes to look at the gameplay from the perspective of these mobs.

That is, it will be possible to become a zombie, a creeper, or any other inhabitant of the cubic world. Find out how other inhabitants of the game live and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

You Are Zombie

After installing this add-on for Zombie Head Mod, the player’s whole life will completely change. It will look the same as before, but the interaction with other creatures in Minecraft PE will change a lot.

The fact is that now the hero will get all the pros and cons of being in the role of an ordinary zombie. That is, now almost all aggressive creatures in the cubic world will not attack it. Of course, provided that the player did not attack them first.

The villagers will run away only when they see him. During the daytime, it will be quite difficult to do the usual things and move around the territory, because the hero can simply burn out from the sunlight.

But the duration of breathing underwater will increase several times and you can safely explore underwater spaces.


If in the previous update the Minecraft Bedrock player received zombie properties, but at the same time retained his standard appearance, then this time his appearance will completely change.

With the help of a special item, you can get the soul of any creature. After a long press on it, the hero will transform and look completely different. Along with the outer shell in Zombie Head Mod, the behavior model will also change.

For example, it will be possible to breathe freely underwater or not be afraid of other monsters.

  • What will happen to the player in the form of a zombie during the day?
    He will burn in the sun.
  • What additional ability will the player get in Zombie Head Mod?
    Ability to breathe freely under water.
  • How will the villagers react to the player?
    They will run away from him.

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