Dirt Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Dirt Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Download Dirt Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: mine and use in the gameplay the most popular block of all existing in the cubic world.

What is interesting in Dirt Texture Pack?

Any user of Minecraft Bedrock Edition knows that all the surrounding space in the game is created from blocks. They differ in color, pattern, and application options. Because the whole area is a natural landscape, the most popular of them is Mud.

The most common use case is the creation of beds and subsequently planting various useful plants on them. The authors of the Dirt Texture Pack offer players enhanced opportunities to mine and use these objects.


There are only three variants of these blocks, each of which differs in appearance and color. This material is almost universal and the most frequently used among players.

Firstly, with proper use, it is possible to grow plants that can be used in food. And if the hero of Minecraft PE has to survive on a small island, players can get a lot of similar blocks when combining land with gravel.

Dirt Texture Pack offers to evaluate all the possibilities and make the gameplay even more interesting. Now it will become much easier and more convenient to show all your imagination and bring unusual ideas to life.


As a rule, in Minecraft PE, the graphics have a fairly recognizable and even unique style. The blocky world attracts users with its unusual and unlike other modern computer games.

Thus, the Dirt Texture Pack authors have only added some new shades and colors to it so that players can fully enjoy their favorite game.

It is also recommended not to forget about turning on the Experimental mode. Players are invited to create their own adventure stories. There will be many interesting and exciting moments. This is a great opportunity to show all your best abilities.

  • How to apply Texture Packs in Minecraft PE?
    Download and click Resource Packs.
  • How to install it in Minecraft PE?
    The file is in .mcpack extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • How to use Texture Packs?
    Just download and select them when downloading.

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Download Dirt Texture Pack for Minecraft PE