Japanese Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Japanese Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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TDownload the Japanese Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms, try a katana in battle and build something out of unusual blocks.

What is new in the Japanese Texture Pack?

The culture of each country is unique and has its own, very recognizable features. For example, Japan has always been associated with a love of nature, cherry blossoms, and famous ninja warriors.

The authors of the Japanese Texture Pack decided to combine in this update all the most interesting objects from the land of the Rising Sun. They managed to transform Minecraft PE beyond recognition and create an atmosphere of Asian adventures.


From the moment the update is downloaded, Minecraft PE players begin to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Asia. The fact is that the start screen has received an updated appearance. In the background, there is a picture of a beautiful landscape.

The authors of the Japanese Texture Pack have also completely changed the entire interface. Now it will be filled with various hieroglyphs and natural shades. The inhabitants of this country are very careful and have great respect for the nature around them.


It is worth noting that the graphic component of Minecraft PE will change a lot after installing the Japanese Texture Pack. Firstly, the usual green trees will be replaced by pink cherry blossoms and the famous Japanese maples, whose leaves have a bizarre shape, and the yellow color seems to illuminate everything around them.

The whole territory as a whole will change quite a lot and looking into the Inventory of the Creative Mode. Players will see that many standard blocks have been replaced by rather unusual objects made in the Asian style.


This country has always been famous all over the world for its glorious defenders, who had no equal among other warriors. Ninjas used special weapons in battle. It looked like a very long and incredibly sharp sword.

The authors of the Japanese Texture Pack have replaced the standard weapons made of wood and iron with the famous katanas. Now every Minecraft Bedrock hero can feel like a fearless fighter for justice and use these items in battles.

  • How to apply Japanese Texture Packs in Minecraft PE?
    Download and click Resource Packs.
  • How to install it in Minecraft PE?
    The file is in .mcpack extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • How to use Texture Packs?
    Just download and select them when downloading.

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