Medieval Castle Maps for Minecraft PE

Medieval Castle Maps for Minecraft PE
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Amazing adventures are waiting for their heroes

Download Medieval Castle Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: feel like a real king, equip the territory, and spend time very interesting.

Medieval Castle Maps for Minecraft Bedrock: ancient buildings

The era of the Middle Ages was distinguished by a special atmosphere, which is often used when creating works in the style of fantasy. The authors of Medieval Castle Maps transferred all the main elements of this time to Minecraft PE.

Now at the disposal of each user will be a spacious castle with many rooms, towers, and other attributes of the royal dwelling.


A large-scale structure was created by the author of this update for Medieval Castle Maps. On the territory of the old-style building, players will be able to visit not only the castle itself but also the drawbridge, various towers, and the library.

The building is surrounded by a jungle, which is also worth looking for something interesting. This add-on is perfect for adventurers in Minecraft PE.


A huge castle of incredible beauty will be visited by every player who downloads this update for Medieval Castle Maps. It is located on an island floating in the sky, which certainly adds to the mystery of this place.

The author created a unique atmosphere on the territory, there is a high tower, as well as altars and other buildings. Minecraft Bedrock heroes are also recommended to visit a beautiful and unusual park.


In this truly unique place, every Minecraft PE player will be able to feel like a real king. Thanks to the unique atmosphere created by the author of Medieval Castle Maps, users seem to be transported back several centuries or find themselves in a fantasy world.

It is worth noting that the territory is suitable for further construction, so players can supplement it with a variety of buildings, barracks, or towers. When the ruler approaches, the gates will open automatically, and inside there is an excellent warehouse for storing provisions and a room for practicing alchemy.

  • How to download Medieval Castle Maps?
    Tap the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • Can I use this map with my friends?
    Yes, the map can be used for a multiplayer game.
  • Can i use the map in the survival mode?
    Yes, the map is suitable for the survival mode.

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Download Medieval Castle Maps for Minecraft PE