RTX Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

RTX Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Download RTXTexture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: enjoy the amazing beauty of cubic space and explore the updated territories.

What is interesting in RTX Texture Pack?

The realism of the game space always allows users to take a fresh look at the gameplay as a whole. The authors of the RTX Texture Pack tried to transform the entire territory and blocks in such a way that each player could appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of such changes.

By the way, such an atmosphere will certainly inspire every Minecraft PE player to explore and create something new.


This update for RTX Texture Pack is directly related to the ray tracing system. Changing it allows players to improve lighting, and add shadows to objects, which in turn will add realism and a certain beauty to the entire environment.

Now the world of Minecraft PE will sparkle with new colors and amaze users with interesting details. This can be a great reason to explore those territories that the hero has not previously visited.


A great addition that will transform the appearance of the sky and water expanses of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Also, the authors of the RTX Texture Pack have changed and corrected the appearance of objects and blocks so that they look smoother and more detailed.

A unique extension allows players to enjoy these changes for absolutely all users of the cubic world.

Fishys Wonderful

Thanks to the modernization of the visual component of the cubic world, the authors of the RTX Texture Pack managed to achieve excellent results. Minecraft PE players will receive an update with various extension options, which in turn will allow a large number of users to use them.

Rich colors and improved ray tracing create a completely new and even unique atmosphere on the entire playing field.

  • How to install Texture Packs in Minecraft PE?
    The file is in .mcpack extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • How to use it in Minecraft PE?
    Just download and select them when downloading.
  • How to apply Texture Packs?
    Download and click Resource Packs.

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Download RTX Texture Pack for Minecraft PE