Christopher Rangel

Christopher Rangel
Christopher Rangel

My name is Christopher Rangel and I’m 21 years old student from Bristol, Connecticut.

I like to write about different sandbox-like games and mods for them. However, Minecraft PE is in my heart, so most of articles about it.

How did I come to Minecraft PE?

I have find out the MCPE in 2014, and since then it has become my favorite game. There I spend a lot of time to survive, build and create.

Why did I decide to start my own website?

After some time I came to thought, that game can be upgraded using mods, textures and maps from community. But they all were on different sites, where you need to register, wait a lot of time until you be able to download something and run into troubles like corrupted file, wrong version and so on.

So, that is why I have decided to start my own website, where stored various mods, maps, textures, shaders and so on. They all verified, have install tutorials and you will never run into troubles.

What can you find on

Here you can download for free:

  • verified Minecraft PE versions;
  • the best maps for single and coop play;
  • various amount of mods, that fits everyone needs;
  • ┬ábeautiful shaders, high- and low-res textures.

How to contact me?

If you want to contact me, you always can send me and email on [email protected].