Medieval City Map for Minecraft PE

Medieval City Map for Minecraft PE
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Download Medieval City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: embark on the most incredible adventure in a very picturesque and interesting area.

What is new in the Medieval City Map?

The era of the Middle Ages is characterized by incredibly beautiful architecture. And is always associated with something fabulous and mysterious. The creators of Medieval City Map tried to recreate two locations, each of which creates a full-fledged atmosphere of those times.

The heroes will be able to walk around the ancient city, look into the houses of residents and visit the defensive fortifications. This area is great for self-study, it has a huge number of interesting objects.

But it is also perfect for a multiplayer game in Minecraft PE. In which the hero together with his friends can create a new story in the style of the past centuries.


In those days, which are presented on this location for Medieval City Map, residents had to be constantly on the alert. Some settlements attacked others to increase their territories.

The first thing that needed to be built was a reliable defensive fortification that protected the population from possible threats. And already all the other objects were located outside its walls: houses, streets, squares, and so on.

It is such a territory that the heroes of Minecraft Bedrock are invited to explore. It is worth noting that everything around is created with great attention to detail, and each building has a unique and inimitable style for its inhabitants.


Anyone who installs the Medieval City Map can feel like a villager from the Middle Ages. Engage in the usual activities for those times, and defend themselves from enemy attacks.

A variety of buildings are fully ready for a comfortable stay. On the territory of the heroes will find squares, a mill, a watchtower, and much more. Start your medieval adventures in Minecraft PE right now.

  • Is Medieval City Map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, this map is perfect for playing with friends.
  • What buildings can a player visit on this map?
    Houses of local residents, a mill, a watchtower.
  • In what style are all the buildings made?
    In the style of the Middle Ages.

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Download Medieval City Map for Minecraft PE