Modern House Map for Minecraft PE

Modern House Map for Minecraft PE
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Unique buildings with a beautiful interior

Download Modern House Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: become the owner of a luxurious mansion on an island in the middle of the ocean and spend time in comfort.

Modern House Map for Minecraft Bedrock: perfect interior and beauty

Many players have long realized that comfort in the game plays a very important role. Because it is so nice to spend your leisure time in a comfortable and beautiful house. Such buildings were created by the authors of Modern House Map.

Minecraft PE heroes will be able to invite as many friends as they want because the interior is very spacious. There are bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. On the cozy terrace, you can admire the sunset and chat with each other.

Modern House

This is one of the most unusual and thoughtful mansions that have ever appeared for Minecraft PE. The building looks especially beautiful during sunset and at night.

The authors of Modern House Map even added a night vision effect to the player so that he could fully enjoy the amazing views. The fact is that the building is surrounded by high mountains, which look very impressive.

By the way, the developers also took care of comfort, adding various redstone mechanisms to the interior that will make living even more convenient.

Huge Building

The large size of the building and the huge surrounding area will give Minecraft PE players priceless moments with their favorite game. Here it is especially good to spend time surrounded by friends and come up with all new interesting entertainments.

Interesting interiors created by the authors of Modern House Map are perfectly combined and create a cozy atmosphere.

Seaside Mansion

A distinctive feature of this mansion is that it is surrounded by the ocean and is located on a separate island. The authors of Modern House Map even complimented the luxurious atmosphere and built a small yacht on the territory.

Inside the building, there is everything you need to comfortably spend time and enjoy the surrounding nature of Minecraft Bedrock.

  • What are the distinctive features of the buildings on the Modern House Map ?
    Extensive territory and unique design.
  • Is this map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, it fits.
  • Is it possible to get inside the buildings?
    Yes, you can.

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