Lodestone Mod for Minecraft PE

Lodestone Mod for Minecraft PE
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Teleport to any place in seconds

Download Lodestone Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: use special pillars to move around the territory in seconds and create new items.

Lodestone Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: Unique teleportation features

Players who have installed Lodestone Mod can get a true superpower. It is all about the unique pillars with which you can move to any point on the map. Now there is no need to spend long hours returning after a long journey.

Or even better to be able to escape from the enemy at any time and stay alive. This time survival in Minecraft Bedrock will become much more exciting and interesting. These are truly unique skills that have never been available in the cube world before.

How to use it?

To use unusual items, you need to place special poles throughout Minecraft PE. The player will move between them while getting to the nearest one each time.

To install such an item, heroes will need a long press. If necessary, use a pickaxe to destroy. With the help of the /function lodestone_pillars commands, players will be able to get all the blocks that are provided by Lodestone Mod.

Use them to be able to move around the territory quickly and unhindered, even for the longest distances. Now users do not need to tame special animals and feed them or try to create some kind of vehicle, just install the update and enjoy the amazing gameplay.

Unique features

In addition to the special pillars that are used for movement, there are other items in Lodestone Mod. For example, Signal Disk is needed to create an Edge Signal.

It is without him that teleportation cannot happen. To create them, players will also need an Edge eye. Using such abilities will be a chance to learn something new, and to turn the world of Minecraft PE into a fabulous place.

Rather, install this update and create your own adventure story.

  • What devices are needed for teleportation?
    Lodestone Pillars.
  • What else will you need to move to Lodestone Mod?
    Edge signal.
  • From what can players create an Edge Signal?
    From a Signal Disk and an Edge Eye.

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