Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free: find out how you can multiply Sniffers, as well as decorate your armor and shields.

Minecraft Trails & Tales

To the great joy of all users of the cubic world, a new version of Minecraft was released, in which the developers of Mojang Studios tried to fix some errors and add new functionality to the gameplay.

Now the third-person camera is working correctly, and the number of departures has also been fixed. On the eve of the release of a full-fledged Trails & Tales update, new music records appeared in the game. For example, one of them is called Relic and it is extracted from the Ruins of the Trails.


This creature has already become a fully-fledged participant in the gameplay and many players are watching with interest the development of its abilities and behavior mechanics. In Minecraft PE, the main changes are related to the Eggs from which these animals hatch.

Now they make their sounds when crackling, and not identical to the turtle. Also in this version of the cubic world, the Sniffer Egg does not break if it is placed in water or lava.


The novelty of the latest versions is the unusual plants that the Sniffer helps players find. There have also been changes in the interaction of players with them. Thus, the use of bone meal on Pitcher does not duplicate the plant, similarly to Torchflower.

But if you use it on crops of these plants, then in Minecraft it will increase their growth by one stage at once.

Other changes

The developers paid special attention to touch control in Minecraft PE and as a result, fixed problems with navigation using the keyboard. It will be useful for players to know that amethyst blocks now also resonate with vibrations.

Use all the new features and evaluate the fixed bugs right now.

  • Why can I use Torch flower in MCPE
    For breeding Sniffers.
  • How does bone meal affect plants in Minecraft PE
    Plants increase growth.
  • What are the functions of the Sniffer?
    He's looking for seeds in the ground.

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