Zombie Face Mod for Minecraft PE

Zombie Face Mod for Minecraft PE
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Download Zombie Face Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: transform into any creature so as not to be afraid of being attacked by any aggressive mobs in the cubic world.

Zombie Face Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: Amazing Transformations

In Minecraft PE, the player will meet not only peace-loving creatures. On his way, he can also meet many dangerous and bloodthirsty creatures, whose main goal is to destroy him.

This greatly complicates the process of survival and forces the hero to always be on alert. After installing Zombie Face Mod, the player will not be attacked by the main aggressive mobs and will be able to calmly do their favorite things.

Zombie Player

After installing this update for Zombie Face Mod, the player will receive the mechanics of the behavior of these creatures. During the daytime, it will burn in the sun until it finds shelter. But at night no evil creatures will attack him.

Now you can safely walk under the stars and not interrupt your journey just because different monsters appear everywhere at this time of day. They just won’t notice the hero. In addition, the duration of breathing underwater will increase significantly.

It is worth noting that at the same time, villagers in Minecraft Bedrock will be afraid of the hero and even run away when they see him nearby.


Another addition that will help the player turn into a zombie was created by the authors of Zombie Face Mod. Now in the Inventory of the Creative Mode, you can find a special item called the Soul Catcher.

Approach any creature and point the object at it. After that, the mob will disappear, and a small round ball will appear in its place, which is the soul of the creation. It is enough to hold it in your hands to instantly turn into this creature.

After that, the hero will receive all the properties of his victim and will be able to use them. By the way, this way you can transform into any inhabitant of Minecraft PE.

  • How to turn a zombie villager into a villager in Minecraft PE?
    To do this, you will need a weakness potion and a golden apple.
  • What do zombie horses eat?
    They eat sugar, wheat and red apples.
  • What item will you need to turn into a Zombie Face Mod?
    Soul Catcher

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