Zombie Horse Mod for Minecraft PE

Zombie Horse Mod for Minecraft PE
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Tame unusual animals and ride a horse

Download Zombie Horse Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: add more features to these animals, learn how to tame them, and ride.

Zombie Horse Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: unusual pets with a unique appearance.

As everyone knows, in one of the versions of Minecraft PE, the developers of Mojang Studios have added a new animal – Zombie Horse. But at the same time, these creatures did not receive any special and interesting abilities.

They are distinguished from ordinary individuals only by the unique texture of green color. The authors of Zombie Horse Mod decided to fix this situation and expanded the abilities of these creatures as much as possible.

Now players will be able to tame them, ride them, and surprise their friends with them. Aggressive mobs will also not stay away and will also ride the unusual inhabitants of the cubic world.


The new inhabitants of Minecraft Bedrock received very unusual textures and twice the speed of movement compared to ordinary horses.

In this Zombie Horse Mod update, creatures will not spawn in the wild, so you can only get them using a spawn egg.

Further interaction will be quite standard, put the saddle on the animal and hit the road.


Another addition to Zombie Horse Mod offers advanced features. Firstly, it will take rotten wheat to tame a half-dead creature. You can get it by crafting ordinary wheat and rotten meat.

After the mob is tamed, it will be possible to ride on it, equip it with armor, and store the necessary things on the journey. But not only Minecraft PE players will get a new mount. Monsters such as zombies and drowned people are also not averse to a ride with the breeze, be careful.

Users will also notice the appearance of a new slot with a pen. It means that this creature will move much faster, and jumps will become higher.

  • How to tame a new animal in Zombie Horde Mod?
    With the help of rotten wheat.
  • Which mobs will also ride these animals?
    Zombies and drowned.
  • What new slot will appear in the game?
    Slot with a pen.

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