Zombie Village Mod for Minecraft PE

Zombie Village Mod for Minecraft PE
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Download Zombie Village Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: evaluate how the appearance of some inhabitants of the cubic world has changed and use these changes.

Zombie Village Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: unusual residents

As many players in Minecraft Bedrock know, there are peculiar settlements where residents live. Their appearance is not at all similar to real people, they only vaguely resemble them.

At the same time, villagers often face various dangers in the form of robber raids or zombies. The latter can infect defenseless settlers and they, too, will turn into creepy monsters.

The authors of Zombie Village Mod decided to slightly transform the appearance of these creatures in order not only to diversify the gameplay but also to help the player identify their professions.

Derpy Villagers

The author of this add-on for Zombie Village Mod decided to add unusual elements to the appearance of villagers, as well as those who have already turned into night monsters.

You can evaluate all the changes right now. By the way, the mechanics of their behavior remained the same and corresponds to the standard for Minecraft PE.

More Variants

After infection, the villagers turn into zombies, but with the help of the player, they can return to their former occupations. But at the same time, in Minecraft PE there is no way to determine by appearance which profession a resident belonged to before he changed.

In this case, the Zombie Village Mod will help the players, now all the monsters will have different clothes and hats, according to which it will be easy to understand what activities this character is used to earning.

Thus, if a player, for example, needs a merchant, then he can heal him. This will greatly facilitate the search process, and also help to spend less time figuring out the profession of the creature.

  • How to turn a zombie villager into a villager?
    To do this, you will need a weakness potion and a golden apple.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?
    Yes, for this it is enough just to be the owner of the map and install this modification on it.
  • How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft PE?
    To cure him, you should hang a debuff of weakness on him with the help of an appropriate potion.

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