White House Map for Minecraft PE

White House Map for Minecraft PE
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A unique opportunity to visit the presidential residence

Download White House Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: feel like the ruler of an entire country, get a chance not just to visit his place of residence, but also to become his resident.

White House Map for Minecraft Bedrock: a unique opportunity

As you know, every country has its residence, which passes from one ruler to another. Little is known about most of them the public, but some are very popular and famous all over the world.

You can even get into some of them by signing up for a tour, but it is worth noting that visitors will see only a small part of the interiors. Thanks to the efforts of the authors of the White House Map, the players of the cubic world are given a chance not just to walk around the famous place, but also to become its rightful owner.

Now a famous mansion will appear in Minecraft PE, where all the presidents of one of the most powerful powers of our time live.

The White House

The name of this place speaks for itself and is associated with incredible power and luxury. This is obvious because all the presidents of the United States of America spend most of their time in this snow-white mansion.

Within these walls, the destinies of millions of people are decided and decisions are made that can radically change the history of not only the country but also the whole world. Now Minecraft Bedrock users can become the rightful owners of this place and even feel like the rulers of an entire state.

The authors of the White House Map fully recreated not only the appearance of the famous building but also completely restored the interiors and even the surrounding area.


Another version of the famous residence of American rulers is presented by the authors of this supplement for the White House Map. There is a beautiful park on its territory, where you can walk around thinking about the fate of humanity.

By the way, the authors tried to completely copy the entire interior so that Minecraft PE players could fully experience the atmosphere of this place.

  • The residence of the president of which country can players visit on the White House Map?
  • Is the map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, it fits.
  • Is the area around it equipped?
    Yes, it fully corresponds to the original.

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