Giant Zombie Mod for Minecraft PE

Giant Zombie Mod for Minecraft PE
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Incredibly powerful and dangerous opponents

Download Giant Zombie Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: try to fight a new boss that will be several dozen times larger than the standard one.

Giant Zombie Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: incredible size

You can add variety to the gameplay in a variety of ways, including changing the standard appearance of mobs. The authors of Giant Zombie Mod did exactly that, increasing the size of the most familiar Minecraft PE mobs several times.

This is a truly unique opportunity to try your hand at fighting an incredibly strong boss. But that is not all, because other zombie variants will also appear in the game, each of which will have a unique appearance and abilities.


It is impossible not to notice these creatures because they are truly incredible in size. By the way, the authors of Giant Zombie Mod decided to leave the appearance quite usual for Minecraft Bedrock, as well as the loot that the player will receive in case of victory.

It is worth noting that now these creatures do not burn in the sun, which means they can pose a threat in the daytime. Get a unique opportunity to test your strength against a stronger and more dangerous opponent right now. Don’t miss your chance to become a more experienced player.


This time, the authors of Giant Zombie Mod decided to make the survival process as difficult as possible for Minecraft PE players and added 4 new bosses to the game at once, which will spawn in both the Upper and Lower Worlds:

  • elite – wears netherite armor and imposes a poisoning effect;
  • king – able to summon the elite guard;
  • god – attacks with fireballs and teleports;
  • giant – has the largest health reserve and deals huge damage, the most dangerous.

To summon these creatures, you can use spawn eggs or the command /summon:zm. Try to use all the resources to stay alive after meeting such dangerous opponents.


  • What creatures will appear after installing Giant Zombie Mod?
    Zombies of huge size.
  • What abilities does the Zombie King have?
    Summons elite zombies.
  • What is the danger of the Zombie God?
    Attacks with fireballs and teleports.

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