Big House Maps for Minecraft PE

Big House Maps for Minecraft PE
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Visit the incredible buildings in a luxurious style

Download Big House Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: visit the most luxurious and large buildings, inside which everything is equipped for a comfortable stay.

Big House Maps for Minecraft Bedrock: as beautiful and safe as possible

The authors of Big House Maps took care not only of the beauty, design, and modern style of these huge mansions. They also paid special attention to security and equipped the territory with the most modern means of protection with the help of Redstone.

Every Minecraft PE user should be in such a luxurious and incredible place at least once.

Ultra House

This luxury Big House Maps building is located on a private island and includes not only a fully equipped mansion but also a basketball court and even a marina with several yachts.

The main distinguishing feature of the territory is the security system, which is equipped with various redstone systems. Special attention of Minecraft PE players deserves laser gates, which can be opened only by using the correct key.

It is also worth noting the beautifully equipped interior rooms, in which the characters will find everything they need for a comfortable rest and pastime.


The author of this addition also tried to create a fairly spacious mansion with many interesting rooms and a luxurious interior. Inside, Minecraft Bedrock players will find four bedrooms, bathrooms, a library, and a ballroom.

The area around this building for Big House Maps has a beautiful fountain and is surrounded by a well-groomed green park.

Huge Mansion

A unique location for Big House Maps, where players will be able to visit an amazingly beautiful mansion with many different rooms. It is located on a small island and can be reached by a large bridge.

Minecraft PE players will have something to do here, you can go fishing, sunbathe or play hide-and-seek with friends. The impressive size of the building will make it as interesting as possible.

  • What buildings can players visit on Big House Maps?
    Huge mansions.
  • What feature does one of the buildings have?
    It has a protective system.
  • Is it possible to enter inside buildings?
    Yes, there are many interesting rooms there.

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