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Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: learn about the advanced features of the Cartographer and Armorer, as well as changes in the behavior of mobs.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Each time supplementing the cubic world with new features, the developers try to take into account all the comments of users of the cubic world. So this time they managed to please the players with a wide variety of all kinds of interesting changes.

This in turn makes the gameplay even more exciting and interesting. For example, in Minecraft PE, visiting some structures is the key to success in finding enchanted books. Among such locations, there are an Outpost of Robbers, a Desert or Jungle Temple, an Ancient City, and Mines.

Trading opportunities

The process of exchanging valuable resources for unusual items that are difficult or even impossible to get in Minecraft is called trading. For it to be as successful as possible, players should learn about some of the innovations of this version.

From now on, the Cartographer has seven types of maps and they differ depending on the biome in which the player met him. Thus, you can get a chance to visit a large number of the most interesting locations.

An indispensable item in any journey for the hero will be armor. It can be purchased from Armorer. By the way, to get a Chain Mail, you need to find an inhabitant of swamps or jungles.

Opportunities for development

For all users who would like to use various mechanisms and redstone more, the developers offer a new block. Crafter in Minecraft PE is similar in its properties to a workbench, only items can be loaded into it in automatic mode.

Sniffer and Camel

Both of these mobs are extremely useful for the gameplay and the characters actively interact with them. Therefore, in Minecraft, the Sniffer fixed an error that occurred during the digging process.

The developers have prepared even more changes for the Camel. This large animal now does not slide when walking, does not move its legs if it is standing, and cannot make a jerk while being in the pond. Also, he will not take damage if he falls into a pool of water. At the same time, its depth should be equal to 2 blocks.

  • How many new maps can be purchased from a Cartographer in Minecraft PE
  • What is needed to buy diamond armor?
    In MCPE 1.20 requires not only diamonds, but also emeralds.
  • What items can be found in some structures?
    Enchanted books.

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