Minecraft 1.20.51

Minecraft 1.20.51
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.51 apk free Copper Update: learn about all the features of the behavior of Armadillo, and use the Copper Bulb to illuminate the space.

Minecraft 1.20.51: Copper Update

Over the past months, developers have been constantly delighting users with new products and Minecraft PE 1.20.51 is no exception. Now there is more than one mob in the cubic world, and it has unique properties that will be useful to all users.

The development of the Trial Chamber is also continuing, where something is constantly changing and improving. For example, this time some types of Copper Bulbs will be covered with wax. An earlier error with the transparency of copper grates, if it is waxed, has been fixed.

Some technical changes have also occurred in this version. For example, on PlayStation Plus, all requirements will be displayed when the player logs on to the server. Also now things cannot be duplicated by switching slots during use.

It will be useful for players who use Realms to know that there are now much fewer crushes.

Wolf Armor

As you know, in the cubic world, some mobs can be tamed and one of them is a wolf. In Minecraft 1.20.51, players have the opportunity to protect their pets from danger. You can make armor from the shields that the Battleship drops.

Moreover, there is absolutely no need to kill a defenseless creature for this, it is enough to wait for it to do it on its own during cleaning. By the way, only the owner can put such protection on the wolf and remove it from it.

Trial Chamber

The unique territory in Minecraft PE 1.20.51, where you can meet a mob named Breeze, as well as find many blocks of copper and tuff, is called Trial Chamber. These are a kind of underground corridors and rooms in which players will find a lot of new and interesting things.

By all means go to explore this location, because there are objects there that are not found anywhere else in the cubic world.

  • Where does the Armadillo live?
    In the savannah.
  • What does the Armadillo eat in MCPE 1.20.51?
    Eyes of spiders.
  • What does this mob do in case of danger in Minecraft PE 1.20.51?
    It rolls up.

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Minecraft 1.20.51
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