Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: go to the Trial Chamber to fight the monster that lives there.

Minecraft Copper Update

The goal of each cube world update is primarily to fix bugs found, as well as add new mobs, items, and locations. Players who install Minecraft PE will get all this in full, because this time the developers have done large-scale work.

It is worth noting that the new location, called the Trial Chamber, is a rather gloomy place that only the bravest heroes will decide to visit. And they will be rewarded for it because there are a lot of interesting things inside the corridors and rooms.

A new opponent

In Trial Chamber, players have every chance to encounter a hostile mob that has a unique attack. It consists in the direction of a strong wind flow from the side of the enemy, which knocks him down.

Before making it, the Breeze contracts and, spreading out like a spring, jumps a fairly long distance. If his attack hits a button, lever, or hatch, they will be pressed or opened.

But at the same time, in Minecraft, such actions will not work concerning an iron door or hatch.

Wolf Armor

Many users have a mob like a wolf as a pet. But worrying about his safety, they do not allow him to go beyond the boundaries of a certain territory. Now in Minecraft PE, this problem will be completely solved thanks to the ability to create Wolf Armor.

To get it, you need to go to the savannah, find an Armadillo there, and wait for it to drop its shields. Or you can interact with it using a brush. It is from these durable plates that protection can be created.

Other features

New mobs that have recently appeared in the game have received some special changes in Minecraft For example, Armadillo now emits vibrations and sounds when folding and unfolding.

Also, Breeze will now try to avoid hatches during its movements.

  • Where does the Armadillo live?
    In the savannah.
  • What can players use to create armor for a wolf in Minecraft PE
    Armadillo Shields.
  • Where can I find Breeze in MCPE 1.20?
    In Trial Chambers.

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