Minecraft 1.20.62

Minecraft 1.20.62
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.62 apk free Copper Update: find out about all the changes among the first, and use the unique features in combat and construction.

Minecraft 1.20.62: Copper Update

With each new update, the capabilities of the players are expanding more and more, and Minecraft PE 1.20.62 was no exception. In this version, users will encounter dangerous monsters, as well as very good-natured mobs.

By the way, now not only Breeze can use wind charges to attack his opponents, but also the players themselves. There is also a chance to meet a new version of skeletons in swamps and mangroves. These creatures are covered with moss and mushrooms, they attack enemies with poison arrows.


The previously unseen block becomes a real discovery in Minecraft 1.20.62. Its capabilities are amazing, and you can only see the Vault by going to the Trial Chamber. Passing through the dark corridors of this underground location, players will see a block inside which the contents are viewed.

After that, you should look for a Trial Key nearby, with which the lock will open. By the way, each player will be able to do this only once. After that, you will have to look for a new Vault.


But not only the presence of treasure blocks is interesting for Trial Chamber players in Minecraft PE 1.20.62. They can also mine many different copper variants in this location. All walls and floors of the underground structure are covered with this material.

Not only blocks can now be created from it, but also beautifully carved grates and even glowing objects. The only disadvantage of this resource is that over time it oxidizes and changes its texture, although someone may like such changes.

Trial Camber

The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that here you can not only get valuable resources, as well as find treasures but also test your strength in a battle with a new opponent.

Going to Minecraft 1.20.62 in the Trial Chamber, it is better to take care of the equipment in advance.

  • What underground structure appeared in Minecraft PE 1.20.62?
    Trial Chamber.
  • What kind of monster lives in it in MCPE 1.20.62?
  • From which block does it appear?
    Trial Spawner.
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