Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: new opportunities in the use of copper that open up to the players of the cubic world.

Minecraft Copper Update

Absolutely every user is always looking forward to the new version of the game and this is quite expected. The fact is that the developers are attentive to all the wishes of the players.

Thus, in Minecraft PE, work was carried out on errors, as a result of which many failures were eliminated, which now will not disturb the heroes. They will be able to fully appreciate all the new features and capabilities.

An inhabitant of the savannah

As you know, in Minecraft there are areas where the landscape is not replete with a lot of vegetation and it is rare to meet any mobs. For example, this is exactly the case in deserts and in the savannah. But if in the first version, you can meet camels and even ride them, then in the second one there has also been a new inhabitant for some time.

Armadillo has a rather calm disposition. This creature is very good-natured and is not capable of offending anyone. It does not need to be killed to get its durable plates. The mob drops them themselves during periodic purges. And you can use them to create armor for a tamed wolf.

By the way, now spiders and cave spiders will be afraid of this mob. Excluding the period when it is in a collapsed state.


This interesting object will appeal to those users who are engaged in the independent production of objects or want to try themselves in this business. The main feature of Crafter in Minecraft PE is that you can load ingredients into it automatically.

Moreover, they will be folded into cells in the correct order, which will greatly save the time spent by the players on this. Of course, for the block to work properly, you will need to use redstone.

  • What features does Crafter have in Minecraft PE
    It produces items automatically.
  • Can Armadillo attack a player in MCPE
    No, he is harmless.
  • How can a player get plates from Armadillo?
    He discards them during cleaning.

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