Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: Turn the gameplay into an exciting adventure full of dangers, secrets, and new creatures.

Minecraft Copper Update

Full-scale development of all aspects of the cubic world continues in Minecraft PE, where players can not only build from blocks. In this version, you can ride horses and camels, search for antiquities and treasures, as well as show your skills in battle with unusual creatures.

Also, the developers do not forget about correcting errors that were identified in the game earlier. This allows you to maintain stability and performance on any device.


Every hero who decides to visit the Trial Chamber should take into account that in this place it is very likely to encounter a very dangerous creature. It appears from a device called Trial Spawner and the number of individuals will depend on how many players are around.

But this will only happen if the corresponding experimental switch is turned on during the installation of the world. Also in Minecraft, the developers have changed the damage caused by Breeze attacks.


But it is not just the dangers that await players in these dark rooms and underground corridors. Here you can see an unusual block, through the translucent grilles of which you can see what kind of treasure is inside.

But only the one in Minecraft PE who finds a special Trial Key can get it. Moreover, each block can be opened only once. After that, the keyhole for this player will be closed forever.


The developers decided to please the players in Minecraft with the long-awaited appearance of an inhabitant of Swamps and Mangroves. But you still should not relax, because this is a new kind of Skeleton.

He is covered with moss and mushrooms and uses poisonous arrows for his attacks.

  • How many times can a player open each Vault?
    In Minecraft PE only once.
  • What is the Trial Key used for?
    In MCPE it is needed to open the Vault.
  • How does Breeze attack?
    With the help of wind attacks.
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