Minecraft 1.20.70

Minecraft 1.20.70
Copper Update
Minecraft 1.20.70

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.70 apk free Copper Update: try to defeat the Bogged with their poisonous arrows, use Wind Charges, and tame the wolves!

Minecraft 1.20.70: Copper Update

The main features of the release were attacks using Wind Charges, dangerous Bogged, opening the Vault with a Trial Key, and the opportunity to meet new wolves in different biomes. The developers have fixed some bugs to make the game world even better in Minecraft PE 1.20.70.


Some Minecraft 1.20.70 mobs remain currently part of the experimental content from the upcoming global update. This also applies to Bogged, which now inhabit the swamps and Mangrove swamps of the game world.

The danger of these mobs lies in their ability to attack opponents with poisonous arrows.

The textures of the creatures resemble skeletons, covered with moss.


Those who have already tamed wolves know that they become excellent defenders for the character in the game. There are even more species of these animals in Minecraft PE 1.20.70, and they all differ in textures and live not only in the taiga, but also in other places such as jungles, savannas, and forests.

By the way, tamed wolves have a larger collar size than usual.


Exploring the dark locations of Trial Chambers, Minecraft 1.20.70 players can see one unusual block. It is possible to find it by the orange particles that appear if the player has not yet opened the Vault.

To unlock the block, players will need Trial Key. It is important to note that it is possible to open the Vault only once.

Other changes

Some other changes are bug fixes for blocks to make it easier for players to use them in Minecraft PE 1.20.70:

  • Users can create Double slabs from two identical slabs;
  • while passing through a Sapling of a sweet berry bush, players get slowed down;
  • fortune enchantment can no longer be applied to tall flowers.
  • Is Bogged a dangerous mob in Minecraft PE 1.20.70?
    Yes, the mob can attack with poisoned arrows.
  • How players can open Vault?
    There is Trial Key to do it in MCPE 1.20.70.
  • Is it possible to open Vault twice?
    No, each player can do it only once.
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