Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: Use all the latest features to make the gameplay in the cubic world even more exciting.

Minecraft Copper Update

For the best result, it is always necessary to put a lot of effort and take into account every detail. This is exactly what the developers of Mojang Studios do, who continuously create something new and fix various errors.

Thus, everyone who installs Minecraft PE will have at their disposal an incredibly high-quality version of the game that will not leave any user indifferent.


Until recently, swamps and mangrove forests were a rather boring and monotonous place where there were few interesting objects for players. However, there have been changes in Minecraft that will force users to reconsider their attitude towards these biomes. Hurry up to go to these wet territories to fight Bogged.

The new version of Skeletons is not as strong as its predecessor, but it can harm the hero because it shoots poisoned arrows.


And for those heroes who are interested in using new materials during construction, it is worth looking at copper in Minecraft PE Of course, this resource was previously available for use in the cubic world, but now it has received even more application options:

  1. Keep in mind that copper still oxidizes over time;
  2. The largest amount of this material is in the Trial Chamber;
  3. It can be used to create not only blocks but also doors and even grates.

Other Changes

Use the new Hardcore mode to get a unique gaming experience and learn a lot of new things. Also, Wolf armor can now be painted in different colors.

The developers also fixed in Minecraft the display of collars for tamed wolves. Also, the tails of these animals are displayed correctly if they are sitting.

  • Where is the most copper in Minecraft PE
    In Trial Chamber.
  • What kind of weapon does Bogged in MCPE have?
    A bow and poisoned arrows.
  • Where does he live?
    In swampy places.
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