Copper Update (Minecraft Version

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: learn about all the features of blocks such as Vault and Trial Spawner.

Minecraft Beta version: Copper Update

Recently, the main goal for each player has been to visit a new location called the Trial Chamber. It is not easy to find, but in Minecraft PE Beta, one of the locals can help players.

Get a special locator map from him, which will show the exact location of the entrance to the underground labyrinths. But anyone who decides on such a trip should take care of their equipment and weapons in advance.


Now players will have to confront more dangerous mobs because they have new effects, among them Weaving, Wind Charged, Oozing, and Infested.

By the way, new versions of items and blocks such as Vault, Trial Spawner, and Trial Key have appeared in Minecraft PE All of them have the word Ominous in their name.

Use Heavy Core – the new most challenging game mode to get a unique experience.

Trial Spawner

Of course, it is dangerous to explore a location that is full of monsters besides the players. But this is the main feature of Trial Chamber, where players will meet the most dangerous creatures in Minecraft But they will not just appear out of thin air, for this the developers have created a special block.

Of course, experienced players are already familiar with its properties, but in this version, there are new aspects of interacting with it:

  1. More monsters will appear from it if there are a lot of players around;
  2. Skeletons, zombies, spiders and Breeze spawn.


The second equally interesting block, which also appears in Minecraft PE, is the Storage. When the player approaches him at a distance of no more than 4 blocks, he begins to release particles.

This will help you not to miss such a valuable item in dark rooms and corridors. Through the grilles of the Vault, you can see what is inside. If the player finds the Trial Key, he can open it and receive an incredible reward. After that, this block will be closed for him forever.

  • In what structure can I find the Storage in Minecraft PE
    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What is inside the Vault in MCPE
    Various useful and valuable items.
  • Who can appear from Trial Spawner?
    Zombies, skeletons, spiders and others.
  • Hi, guest
  • I am just amazed and shocked by these awesome changes that have occurred in the game. Thank you to everyone involved, I love Minecraft!Special thanks for Heavy Core, now it is even more interesting to play.
  • A cool and very interesting version! I have already managed to evaluate some of the changes and they are just incredible.

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