Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE

Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE
Category: Super Heroes
Adventures based on the famous series of films.

Download Black Panther Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: turn into desperate heroes who are always ready to stand up for their country and the whole universe.

Black Panther Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: incredible equipment

After the release of several films about the adventures of the brave inhabitants of Wakanda and their leader, who is called the Black Panther, many fans of this story appeared in the world.

The authors of Black Panther Mod transferred all the characters, as well as items, armor, and weapons to Minecraft PE, thereby allowing the heroes to create their own adventure story based on the famous film series.

Transform the cubic world into a unique place, as well as explore new structures in which mysterious treasures can be hidden.

Black Panther Costumes

After installing this update for Black Panther Mod, players will have the opportunity to try on the image of the main character of the movie of the same name. In the Inventory of the Creative Mode, you will be able to find new items, weapons, and equipment.

She repeats in every detail the image of the main defender of Wakanda and its inhabitants. Those Minecraft PE players who are familiar with the original story know that the inhabitants of this mysterious country had a special herb that endowed the chosen with special properties.

This was repeated by the authors of the update in the cubic world, now you can create useful tinctures from heart-shaped grass.

Wakanda Forever

This addition for Black Panther Mod is even more extensive and includes not only the costumes of the main characters but also a variety of different mobs. They represent not only friendly creatures but also enemies of the inhabitants of Wakanda.

It is noteworthy that the authors also offer Minecraft PE players the opportunity to evaluate the unique properties of a Vibranium Sword, a Zulu Spear, or a Neptune Trident. Several types of Black Panther armor will allow you to create adventures in the style of any of the films, and you can also try on the image of Shuri or Kilmonger.

  • How do I install this Black Panther Mod?
    The file is in .mcaddon extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?
    Yes, for this it is enough just to be the owner of the map and install this modification on it.
  • What if the mod does not work?
    Try to activate the experimental game mode.

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