Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: explore unusual territories, get a new gaming experience, and meet unusual mobs.

Minecraft Copper Update

With each update, the gameplay in the block space becomes more diverse and interesting. This time, players are invited to meet several new mobs, explore the possibilities of various materials, and visit a unique location.

All the changes that have become available in Minecraft PE guarantee a lot of positive emotions and a new gaming experience. The developers also announced a lot of bug fixes, so the game will be stable and productive.


Players who value their time and try to optimize the gameplay should pay attention to this block. Crafter can be used automatically in Minecraft, all you need to do is connect it to redstone.

This will help you learn a lot about various devices in the cubic world and have a very unusual time.

Decoration of buildings

The aesthetic component of any building is almost as important as its practicality. In Minecraft PE, players are invited to decorate their architectural creations with tuff or copper blocks.

By the way, the latter also change their appearance under the influence of water, which makes their use even more interesting. Crafters can find these materials by examining the Trial Chamber.

There are many dangerous creatures in this location, so players should take care of their weapons and equipment in advance.


To see a new block and try to get a valuable reward from it, players need to go to the dark corridors of the Trial Chamber.

In Minecraft, Vault will appear in this structure. Its peculiarity is that there will be various values inside, they can be viewed through the lattice. This block can only be opened with a special key.

  • Where can players find copper and tuff in Minecraft PE
    In the Trial Chamber.
  • Which block helps optimize processes in MCPE
  • What kind of dangerous mob lives in the Trial Chamber?

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