Minecraft 1.20.71

Minecraft 1.20.71
Copper Update
Minecraft 1.20.71

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.71 apk free Copper Update: get inspired for new adventures, because the cubic world has become much more interesting.

Minecraft 1.20.71 Release: Copper Update

For every user of the cubic world, it is incredibly important that there are no crashes and errors in the game, as well as periodically something new appears. In Minecraft PE 1.20.71 Release, the developers of Mojang Studios fulfilled both of these conditions.

They have added several new varieties of wolves to the game at once. Now each player can choose and tame a loyal friend, and then craft him armor from Armadillo shields. Also in this version, the damage from the wind charge has been changed, now it will be the same for the player and Breeze.


There are not that many mobs that can be tamed in Minecraft 1.20.71. Most often, players make horses and camels their pets because they can be ridden. Allay can also be a great companion because it can run simple errands.

Another animal that is available for taming is the wolf. In this version, you can meet new varieties of this animal:

  1. in the taiga of all kinds, White, Black, and other colors will spawn, and all of them will move in flocks from 2 to 4 individuals;
  2. the most common will be the Forest Wolf, simply because there are many forests in the cubic world, and he lives in them;
  3. Snowy is the least likely to be encountered, he has a special behavior model and always walks alone.


Most recently, the mob that appeared in the game, received some changes in Minecraft PE 1.20.71. For example, the developers changed its model and texture. He can also shed the mushrooms that cover his body. These creatures have a health reserve of only 16 units, and their standard version is 20. They can be found in swamps or mangroves.

They can also spawn in the Trial Chamber from new blocks.

  • Where does Snowy Wolf live in Minecraft PE 1.20.71?
    In the Grove biome.
  • How does this wolf in MCPE 1.20.71 differ from the others?
    He always walks alone.
  • Where can I meet Breeze?
    In the Trial Chamber.
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